Holiday Sugars

Lucy’s classic sugar cookies with a holiday twinkle – festive colored sugar on top makes these the perfect holiday treat! Enjoy them throughout the holiday season – serve to guests, or take as a gift! Happy Holidays!

Chocolate Mint

Lucy’s Chocolate Merry Mint cookies will remind you of our Chocolate Cookies that you’ve come to know and love, we’ve just added a fresh hint of mint! These delicious treats make a great holiday gift– or use them in a crumb crust recipe with  your favorite cheesecake!  Check our blog for some ideas!

Pumpkin Patch

Each season is special in some way. Fall brings warm days with bright yellow sunshine and beautiful orange pumpkins. Enjoy these delicious cookies as a taste of fall—warm, yellow, orange, pumpkin. With only a tad of spice, and otherwise just the real taste of pumpkin. Yum!