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    Egg Roll!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Easter Egg Roll9Eggs are an ancient symbol of new life, fertility, and rebirth; and what we usually call “Easter eggs” are also often linked to pagan customs celebrating springtime. This reverence for eggs includes the well-known tradition of dying and decorating eggs as part of Easter celebrations. And during the season, egg hunts and egg rolling are especially two popular egg-tivities!

    Today the First Family is hosting the 136th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, a race in which children push decorated, hard-boiled eggs across the White House lawn. It’s actually one of the oldest annual events in White House history. Read more »


    20 Interesting Bunny Facts!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Bunny9While waiting for the Easter bunny to come hopping down the trail, why not brush up on your bunny rabbit knowledge? Did you know…?

    1. Bunnies and rabbits are the same animal—there’s no difference in breed or species. Bunnies usually refer to small or young rabbits, which are also called kittens.

    2. A rabbit litter size is typically between 4 to 12 bunnies. Can you believe some wild female rabbits become pregnant 8 times a year? It’s no surprise that rabbits are a symbol of fertility in many cultures!

    3. Rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.

    4. A male rabbit is called a buck and a female is a doe. Read more »


    Is Gardening Easy?

    Posted in Tips by Lucy

    Stack of new hoses. (12MP camera).If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know this is a rhetorical question. I have my own answer, which might not match yours. In fact, I hope it doesn’t. I hope you do find gardening easy; and that one day I will, too!

    For now, I am pondering gardening again today. I’ve made a list, hoping to simplify tasks and make gardening—easy.

    Here’s my plan. Please send suggestions!

    First Decide:

    • What to plant—herbs, veggies, flowers? One plant? Three? Ten?
    • Seeds or seedlings?
    • Best planting time? Read more »


    Growing as a Gardener.

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    Basil9So far in life I still haven’t done as much vegetable gardening as I’d like to. Ideal planting time comes and goes, and I have little or nothing in the ground or in pots. Our weekend sports, social and travel schedule fills in, and time flies.

    I have to say, too, that I’m a little intimidated about getting supplies right for planting, and then having time for watering and weeding later on. Finding the right place to plant in the ground or place in pots becomes something to ponder. There are considerations of whether to hide the plants at the side of the house, or make them a front and center feature. Read more »


    Yoga is Good!

    Posted in Health by Lucy

    yoga19It’s almost April. Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution of exercising more? Well, if you’re stuck in a rut with your routine, consider doing yoga.

    I have been doing yoga since the 1980s, when I purchased a book on yoga and learned the different positions at home. That was before the big yoga boom that’s happened in the past 15 years. The book, Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan, was originally published in 1969 and seems to be ever popular. Here’s a link to its listing on Even with the old photos and quirky “thoughts for the day,” this book remains a favorite of mine. Read more »


    Time for Tea!

    Posted in Health by Lucy

    tea9It has been a long, cold winter for many of us. Are you ready to be warm? While waiting on the temperatures to heat up, how about having a nice cup of hot tea?

    Tea has been enjoyed for centuries. Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Served either hot or cold, people drink it anytime, anywhere. I am especially fond of iced tea; usually a classic orange pekoe and black tea blend, but more and more I like green, too.

    Each day, more than 158 million Americans are drinking tea. (For more facts about tea click here.) And can you believe an average of 3 billion cups of tea are consumed daily worldwide? Black tea (84 percent), green tea (15 percent), white tea (.5 percent), and oolong tea (.5 percent). Interestingly, these different teas actually all come from the same plant, a warm-weather flowering evergreen named Camellia sinensis. Read more »


    School Grants for Healthy Kids!

    Posted in Health by Lucy

    Action for Healthy Kids9Did you know that one in three U.S. kids is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and asthma? Childhood obesity is often difficult to address, even for parents and schools. That’s why I’m shouting “thanks” to the organization Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) for their help with this epidemic. Promoting “good food” and “active bodies,” AFHK is offering school grants for breakfast and physical activity programs.

    Founded in 2002, AFHK helps schools become healthier so kids can learn better and live healthier lives. In 2012, working with 25,000 schools and 65,000 volunteers across the country, its programs helped more than 10 million children. Read more »


    Lucy’s Expands into Costco Stores in the NW!

    Posted in Shopkeeper by Lucy

    costcoGood news for fans of Lucy’s cookies! Costco members in the Northwest area of the country will now be able to purchase Lucy’s products at more Costco locations.

    Here’s a list of the Costco warehouses set to start carrying Lucy’s:

    4125 Debarr Rd, Anchorage, AK 99508
    330 W. Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515
    5225 Commercial Way, Juneau, AK 99801 Read more »


    New Friendships!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    GS Friendship9One of the best parts of life is meeting new people. I think our lives are enriched every time we make new friends. Learning about people, especially those with different backgrounds, helps us grow and develop as individuals. And it’s a way of gaining empathy for other humans.

    Along with contributing to the work and outcomes of the recent CSW conference, I’m almost equally as glad that the Girl Scouts were able to experience traveling to a major city like New York City and being introduced to all kinds of new people. Not only did they get to know other Girl Scouts, but the conference gave them the opportunity to literally meet people from around the world! Read more »


    Why Celebrate St. Patrick?

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    st pat29Come St. Patrick’s Day everybody seems to have a little bit of Irish in them, even if they don’t really come from Irish ancestry. But, that’s ok!

    For many, St. Patrick’s Day is simply a fun day to celebrate Irish culture and history. Shamrocks, leprechauns, and the color green are some of the day’s most recognized symbols. But behind all of the festivities and folk legends, St. Patrick’s Day stems from rather serious Irish history.

    St. Patrick’s Day marks the Roman Catholic feast day in honor of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. It is believed that March 17 (in the year 461 A.D.) is the day St. Patrick died. What’s especially interesting, and I don’t think many people know this, is that St. Patrick was actually born in Britain, not Ireland. Read more »

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