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    Food Allergy Mom!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    Lucy_illustPerhaps it’s fitting that Food Allergy Awareness Week—in 2014 from May 11 through 17—started on Mother’s Day. This observance/celebration might even top Mother’s Day in importance to me. You may know that my son has several very severe food allergies, so I’m a great supporter of anything about keeping him safe, happy, and healthy. I’m a Food Allergy Mom!

    What does a Food Allergy Mom do? The same thing that other Mothers do—plus—she carries epinephrine; teaches others how to recognize reactions and use epi; reads food package labels; carries snacks and sandwiches in case safe food is not available where she and her family go; wipes down tables, chairs, airplane trays, and anything that food crumbs or grubby hands might have touched. Read more »


    100 Words for Mom!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Pink flowers big bunch9While researching the history of Mother’s Day, I came across this wonderful quote by former U.S. President George Washington:

    “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”

    Today marks the official 100th anniversary of celebrating Mother’s Day in the U.S., so I have listed 100 words—including those you shared since Friday—describing Mothers. Read more »


    One Word—Mother!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Flowers varietyMother’s Day is Sunday!

    We’re asking friends and fans to share just one word to describe a wonderful Mother. Of course, a mother is much more than what could be summarized in one word. I’m just curious to see which words you share.

    My word is “Loving.”

    (This blog post is brought to you by Lucy’s Sugar Cookies—sweet like Mom!)


    Mother May!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Pink flower single9It’s May now and that’s a big month for me. First of all it brings my favorite weather. I bask in the warm, then warmer, then hot weather that starts now and goes through September. It’s also my birth month, so I look forward to a little birthday fun with family and friends. And, of course—it’s the month of Mother’s Day!

    Mother’s Day is a true favorite of mine. I remember the first one when I was a Mother. It was stunning! My son was five months old so I was really settling into being a Mom. And wow—really understanding the deep, powerful love that a Mother has for her child. Embracing a feeling that I was now fully alive, living with a deeply important purpose. Read more »


    Dr. Lucy’s Smores – a campfire experience

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    A delicious and fun way to enjoy a campfire s’mores experience. Summer will never be the same again.Yum!


    Surviving Spring Allergies!

    Posted in Health by Lucy

    meds19I love springtime with its budding flowers and blooming trees—but for many people pesky seasonal allergies can cause misery. Watery eyes, nasal itching, runny and stuffy noses, and sneezing can quickly become distracting.

    The Food and Drug Administration estimates that approximately 36 million people in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. If you’re part of this group, you might want to try some of these simple strategies to help keep allergies under control.

    • Know your allergens! Talk to your doctor about tests to determine what allergens, such as pollen and molds, are triggering your symptoms. Then, steer clear of them! Read more »


    Not Just a 4th Grade Play!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    play19The other day I attended my son’s fourth grade play. That might seem like a pretty “basic,” all-American thing to do on a Friday morning. It comes about one year after the third grade play and about one year before the fifth grade production—and so on. I bet most people reading this blog have attended at least one fourth grade play. Right?

    If you have, then you know that the fourth grade play is anything but “basic” in the heart of a parent or a teacher. The other morning we were beaming for a full thirty minutes—laughing, clapping, tapping our feet, swaying, awing, and definitely smiling. Then, at the end, I could see the two fourth grade teachers spring from their seats, essentially jumping for joy! Joy for the success, talent, effort, fun, personality, dedication, and teamwork that they helped to make happen—that morning and all year long.

    Thank you teachers, everywhere!

    (This blog is brought to you by Lucy’s Chocolate Chip cookies—a fourth grade favorite!)


    A Grown Up Girl Scout!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Kaitlin closeup999FINALI’m still posting about the Girl Scouts and the CSW. Today is all about Kaitlin, a former Girl Scout herself and now the Public Relations Manager for our local council. Kaitlin was one of the adult chaperones on the trip in March.

    The CSW and the four girls that Lucy’s sponsored we’re impressive enough. Add Kaitlin and the “impressive” factor explodes! A living example of what the Girl Scout movement is all about—building girls (and women) of courage, confidence, and character.

    Meet Kaitlin! Here’s her story about the Girl Scouts and the CSW… Read more »


    Love of Recipes!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    recipe199If you love to cook, or just love to eat, chances are you have a collection of recipes. Mine is a true representation of my love of food, though not necessarily an indicator of my performance in the kitchen. “Good intentions” would be a proper name for some of my piles and binders full of recipes.

    I clip and save, but don’t always use. Apparently this is a common habit; which I intend to continue. I sense in myself some sort of gain from doing it; perhaps in my recipe pondering, clipping, saving, and filing I am having a sort of vicarious food experience. One without calories or fat. Sadly, though, it’s also without vitamins, minerals, protein, or fiber. Read more »


    Appreciating Our Earth!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Earth Day9Today marks the 44th year of celebrating Earth Day, a day that aims to inspire awareness and action for caring for the Earth’s environment. Throughout the world, events are being held to demonstrate the ongoing commitment necessary for protecting the planet.

    Are you looking for ways to participate? Here are several ideas to get you in the spirit of Earth Day:

    • Go outside—no matter what the weather!—and enjoy.
    • Submerge your hands in soil—plant a tree, wildflowers, or organic vegetables.
    • Take a walk in the woods. Read more »

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