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    Don’t Forget Dad!

    Posted in Life by Lucy

    Fathers Day9We went all out celebrating Mother’s Day. Now, let’s rally for the guys this Father’s Day! Celebrate all of the great men in your life—Stepfathers, Fathers-in-law, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, Uncles, friends, etc. In some families dear old Dad and other special men get sidelined into the background, so it’s important to show them that they haven’t been forgotten. Of note, my Father and my Husband have always been Kings of the day, every day!

    Did you know that the idea of Father’s Day might have been inspired by a memorial service that was held in 1907 for a large group of men, many of them Fathers, who were killed in a mining accident in Monongah, West Virginia? The origin of Father’s Day is also attributed to Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington. As a way of honoring her Father, a widowed Civil War veteran named William Smart, Sonora encouraged local churches, shopkeepers, and government officials to support her suggestion of establishing the equivalent of Mother’s Day for Fathers. Because her Father was born in June, she focused on that month for honoring Fathers, and due to her efforts Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Read more »


    New Cookie Flavors!

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    Summer Flavors REV99Guess what? We’ve added two new cookie flavors—Berry Best and Lemon Goodness. These fresh new treats will be available at Whole Foods Market starting this month, just in time to satisfy the warm weather taste buds of cookie lovers nationwide.

    Reminiscent of popular summertime flavors, Berry Best brings out the delightful taste of raspberries in a crunchy cookie and Lemon Goodness is a deep, rich-tasting, old-fashioned cookie with a zesty citrus tang. Yum! Try them with a glass of iced tea. Eat them at the park, the beach, or at home—perhaps on your porch! We’ve really tried to capture some of the best parts of summer with these new flavors. Read more »


    I Scream!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream in a BowlI Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream—especially on a warm day! In honor of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day tomorrow, let’s explore the sweet world of ice cream, the tasty frozen treat that so many people know and love.

    First, have you ever thought about all of the different kinds of ice cream? Hard, soft, light, no sugar added. Some made with cow’s milk, others with soy, rice, or coconut milk. Also, gluten free, organic, Italian-style gelato, and French. So many varieties! No matter what kind of diet you follow, there are certainly many options to choose from.

    Next, what about all of the flavors? There are literally thousands. Pretty much, you say a flavor—no matter how weird—and it exists! Interested in trying Salmon or pizza-flavored ice cream? Corn on the cob or asparagus? In my opinion there’s just something so special about the classic standbys like vanilla (my favorite!) and chocolate. And I’m not alone in thinking this. While chocolate falls slightly behind vanilla in sales in the U.S., these are the most popular flavors. In fact, like chocolate ice cream, vanilla has its own special day—National Vanilla Ice Cream Day is on July 23. I plan to celebrate again on that day! Read more »


    Cookie Economics!

    Posted in Work by Lucy

    Cookie Econ Tour99Just the other day we hosted about 40 second graders for a field trip to learn “Cookie Economics.” A busload of cookie enthusiasts at Lucy’s!

    We talked about supply, demand, scarcity, and surplus. Also about resources—human, natural, and capital. It takes all these to make cookies!

    The children planned how many cookies to bake, package, and ship to fill a specific sales order. These were a very motivated group of mathematicians and business people, who were inspired by the sights and smells of the bakery—and later sampling Lucy’s Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Thin cookies.

    Click Cookie Economics to view our PowerPoint presentation, which each student worked through during the tour. A few days before, the teachers reviewed this document and our website with the children. Needless to say, the students came well prepared with all kinds of questions for our staff! Read more »


    Spice for Health!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    spice39Have you thought about how the seasoning in your food affects your health? Many kitchen shelves are stocked with bottles of spices and herbs, but oftentimes people don’t take full advantage of seasonings when cooking. Read on to find out about nice surprises lurking in your kitchen.

    Spices and herbs are an excellent way to add flavor to food without adding extra calories or health risks. They are a smart alternative compared to other flavor boosters such as salt, sugar, and fat.

    Not only are spices and herbs a low-cal way to infuse zest into a meal, they may help protect against chronic conditions, such as cancer and heart disease. This is because many spices and herbs are rich in phytonutrients, such as carotenoids, flavonoids, and other phenolics—possessing health-promoting anti-oxidant properties, which protect against cell damage and inflammation. Read more »


    Gluten Free Friend.

    Posted in Health by Lucy

    flossie.19jpgMeet my gluten free friend Bridget. She’s four and a half years old and has celiac—diagnosed when she was two. As “Celiac Awareness Month” draws to a close this year, I invite you to consider my friend’s journey.

    This girl is a classic “red head”—feisty, fun, and full of life. Especially since she’s been gluten free.

    I was there when the question of celiac first came up—when the skin signs of celiac (dermatitis herpetiformis, or DH) began happening. Bridget’s smart and determined Mother (also a red head!) searched the web for something similar, and when she read about “skin celiac” she began to question her child’s eating habits and poopy diapers. And, she also considered that several older cousins had celiac. Read more »


    10 Memorial Day Facts

    Posted in Heroes by Lucy

    American flags9Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday in May, is so very all-American in my view. We mourn and show gratitude for fallen American heroes who have fought to preserve our beloved freedom and way of life; and, we gleefully demonstrate our love of that freedom and the life we have. Throughout the three-day weekend we socialize, relax, feast, and welcome the coming months of summer. So all-American—heroes, sacrifice, freedom, and celebration. We are a strong and optimistic bunch!

    In honor of Memorial Day and our heroes, let’s reflect and remember its history with these 10 interesting facts: Read more »


    Repel Mosquitoes!

    Posted in Tips by Lucy

    Isolated mosquitoSummer is almost here and mosquitoes will soon be swarming around us—and leaving their mark. Here are some facts to help you ward off these little pests and their painful bites! And, protect yourself from the threats that they carry.

    Mosquitoes, both male and female, feed upon plant nectars for nourishment and energy. However, only female mosquitoes bite for blood, and this is for purposes of developing and laying viable eggs. The females have a unique mouthpart, which male mosquitoes lack, that pierces skin and siphons off blood, filling itself with 0.001 to 0.01 milliliters of blood per “meal.” While doing so, they inject saliva into the skin, and the proteins in the saliva cause an immune system reaction, resulting in a puffy, white bump to appear on the skin. These bites can become itchy and infected. Read more »


    National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    Cookie photo cropped blog99That’s right, today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. You might not have even known this “holiday” existed! But, being a cookie person myself, I’m here to tell you about it!

    For many people, the sight and smell of these cookies makes us feel nostalgic and reminiscent of our childhoods. Thoughts of wholesomeness, comfort, and good times come to mind—whether from our own memories of baking cookies at home or recalling episodes of the popular TV show Leave it to Beaver, with Mrs. Cleaver and the plate of warm, fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies waiting on the table for her sons. Our pop culture is full of references to chocolate chip cookies—TV commercials, comic strips, children’s books (such as Laura Numeroff’s bestselling book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie), and children’s shows. Who doesn’t know the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street? Read more »


    Food Allergy Mom!

    Posted in Food by Lucy

    Lucy_illustPerhaps it’s fitting that Food Allergy Awareness Week—in 2014 from May 11 through 17—started on Mother’s Day. This observance/celebration might even top Mother’s Day in importance to me. You may know that my son has several very severe food allergies, so I’m a great supporter of anything about keeping him safe, happy, and healthy. I’m a Food Allergy Mom!

    What does a Food Allergy Mom do? The same thing that other Mothers do—plus—she carries epinephrine; teaches others how to recognize reactions and use epi; reads food package labels; carries snacks and sandwiches in case safe food is not available where she and her family go; wipes down tables, chairs, airplane trays, and anything that food crumbs or grubby hands might have touched. Read more »

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