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    You know you want this roasting pan. Perhaps you’ve pondered its glory while shopping through a fancy kitchen store. Like me, you might have wished you made the splurge earlier in the year once Thanksgiving arrives and you’re wrestling the turkey in a cheaper, old model.

    Why not say goodbye to problematic, old roasting pans—bar the door on those flimsy, disposable aluminum pans some cooks pick up at the supermarket a few days before the big meal? Protect yourself, your oven, and your main course with a nice, sturdy pan for the journey back and forth from stovetop to oven, so you can baste the meat and make delicious gravy.

    With wide, easy-to-grip handles, thick sides, and a sturdy bottom, this pan is ideal for holiday cooking. And the well-designed rack certainly makes positioning the turkey much easier! Avoid messes, and roast your turkey like a pro this Thanksgiving. Read more »

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