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    Lucy’s Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Box FinalLucy’s is very proud to support the American Cancer Society* and its efforts to promote breast cancer awareness. This fall for a limited time in stores throughout the U.S., Lucy’s will be offering our Chocolate Chip cookies in a special breast cancer awareness package.

    As part of this awareness program, Lucy’s is helping to support the American Cancer Society’s fight against breast cancer with a $50,000 contribution this year. In addition, Lucy’s will be posting information about the Society and breast cancer on our website, blog, and Facebook page.

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the U.S., other than skin cancer, and it is the second leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer. Prevention, early detection, treatment, research, and support are all key factors when it comes to breast cancer. Being in the know and having the appropriate support really makes all the difference!

    For more than 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been leading the way to transform cancer from deadly to preventable. Specifically, the Society is fighting to end breast cancer by: Read more »


    Admit it!

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    You know you want this roasting pan. Perhaps you’ve pondered its glory while shopping through a fancy kitchen store. Like me, you might have wished you made the splurge earlier in the year once Thanksgiving arrives and you’re wrestling the turkey in a cheaper, old model.

    Why not say goodbye to problematic, old roasting pans—bar the door on those flimsy, disposable aluminum pans some cooks pick up at the supermarket a few days before the big meal? Protect yourself, your oven, and your main course with a nice, sturdy pan for the journey back and forth from stovetop to oven, so you can baste the meat and make delicious gravy.

    With wide, easy-to-grip handles, thick sides, and a sturdy bottom, this pan is ideal for holiday cooking. And the well-designed rack certainly makes positioning the turkey much easier! Avoid messes, and roast your turkey like a pro this Thanksgiving. Read more »

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