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    fifa9Have you caught it? My family has!

    One of the most extensively viewed and followed sporting events in the world, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil on June 12. This is the 20th World Cup soccer (and, as we know, also called football) tournament, and it seems to be one of the most exciting in its history! The games have been hugely unpredictable so far—particularly USA’s surprise 2-1 win yesterday against Ghana, a team that has knocked the U.S. out of the World Cup twice.

    The World Cup is much bigger than a sport, it’s an international experience—a global stage for countries around the world to represent themselves. The World Cup connects our countries and makes us really look at one another. The national teams of 32 countries, which have been placed in eight groups (A through H), are participating this year. USA is in Group G, along with Ghana, Germany, and Portugal. (Note: USA’s next game is this Sunday at 6pm against Portugal. Don’t miss it!) Read more »



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    High school homecoming—are you going this year? Football games, dances, parades, pep rallies, bonfires. An annual tradition, homecoming is a celebration of the school and a time to welcome back alumni who have “come home” for the big game, usually football.

    Part of American history, homecoming originated in the early 1900s. According to the NCAA and Jeopardy, the University of Missouri is credited for officially creating homecoming in 1911. Into the 1920s and 1930s, more and more schools began holding “homecoming” annually. Read more »


    Discovering Your Child’s “Fitness Personality”

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    Have you ever noticed that children can be very wise and insightful about their activities and schedules? This happens at my house, too. When a new school year starts, along with new team schedules and more practices than the season before, we take a few weeks to let things settle out. As we ponder the best way to juggle the priorities, inevitably my son steps forward with important insights that direct our planning. He might suggest dropping something from an over-full schedule or approaching a commitment in a different way.

    This happens also when kids are working out their preferences for the type of sport or activity they want to do. Some kids simply love sports. Other kids are completely fine not playing a sport and would much rather play games on the computer, read books, or watch TV. And then there are kids who fall somewhere in between—they enjoy sports and physical activity but maybe they don’t have the competitive spirit of the real sports lovers. Read more »


    One Less Check to Write!

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    Let’s admit it, most of us dread the fundraiser catalogs from school or sports teams. Do we really need more cookie dough, popcorn, wrapping paper, or candles? Ironically, I can’t seem to find enough time to “regift” or donate all of the extra “stuff” at my house. So, usually I’m not too thrilled about the idea of buying more.

    Sports teams, schools, organizations—just about everybody needs to raise funds for activities, and new supplies and equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I know fundraisers are necessary. Besides raising money, fundraisers also teach children important lessons about communication techniques, math skills, goal-setting, and personal responsibility. Read more »


    Same Fun!

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    As an adult I seem to enjoy the same sorts of events and activities that I liked as a kid. It’s not really surprising that my husband and my son like similar fun, too. So, this fall we are heavily into soccer practice and games, and attending college football weekends or other sporting events. We like all aspects of this busy fall life.

    Soccer is becoming a bigger commitment each year as my son grows older. The practice time has increased and so has his enthusiasm for learning and playing. Late afternoons and evenings are a race at our house. Hurry home for a huge snack, dress for practice, carpool there, carpool home. Fit homework in sometime! Eat dinner—you know the routine! Read more »

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