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    New Friendships!

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    GS Friendship9One of the best parts of life is meeting new people. I think our lives are enriched every time we make new friends. Learning about people, especially those with different backgrounds, helps us grow and develop as individuals. And it’s a way of gaining empathy for other humans.

    Along with contributing to the work and outcomes of the recent CSW conference, I’m almost equally as glad that the Girl Scouts were able to experience traveling to a major city like New York City and being introduced to all kinds of new people. Not only did they get to know other Girl Scouts, but the conference gave them the opportunity to literally meet people from around the world! Read more »


    Why Celebrate St. Patrick?

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    st pat29Come St. Patrick’s Day everybody seems to have a little bit of Irish in them, even if they don’t really come from Irish ancestry. But, that’s ok!

    For many, St. Patrick’s Day is simply a fun day to celebrate Irish culture and history. Shamrocks, leprechauns, and the color green are some of the day’s most recognized symbols. But behind all of the festivities and folk legends, St. Patrick’s Day stems from rather serious Irish history.

    St. Patrick’s Day marks the Roman Catholic feast day in honor of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. It is believed that March 17 (in the year 461 A.D.) is the day St. Patrick died. What’s especially interesting, and I don’t think many people know this, is that St. Patrick was actually born in Britain, not Ireland. Read more »


    Big City Adventure!

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    Big City Adventure9Do you remember your first trip to New York City? I do!

    Along with the amazing international policy-making and change-building I’ve seen these Girl Scouts involved with this week, I’ve seen each of them experience life in NYC for the first time.

    This trip has been life changing and fun. Here are some city comments from the girls!


    Walking is one of our main past times while we are in NYC, and it has been an adventure navigating the streets. Sometimes we go one or two blocks before we realize that we are actually walking in the wrong direction or that we have the wrong address. Read more »


    Being a mentor is easy!

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    Mentor_with girls99Though I feel like I’m still 17, really—I’m not. I’m something almost as wonderful—a mentor to those who are 17!

    This week these four talented, motivated Girl Scouts from my area have been part of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. I’m amazed at what they’ve experienced. It’s been a gift to their development as young women, a gift to the future where they will certainly make good things happen, and a gift to me.

    As I see it, being a mentor is a gift because it’s a way of unleashing my own experience and wisdom, a way of planting for the future. As humans we’re driven to impact good for the future. Mentoring is a way to make that happen, and really, it’s so easy.

    Baillie, one of our Girl Scouts, captured this when she said, “When a girl is older and more experienced, it’s better for the girl to lead the way. It’s better for her adult (her mentor) to just be there for support and to offer guidance when the girl asks for it.”

    Now, that’s easy! I love it!


    Who’s Who at the CSW?

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    UN women 1950bw9As you might have seen, recently I’ve been posting information about the Girl Scouts and the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

    Here’s a quick recap—Lucy’s is a major supporter of the Girl Scouts’ participation at the UN’s annual CSW conference, which will take place March 10-21 at UN headquarters in New York City. The CSW is the principal global policy-making body dedicated to gender equality and advancement of women. Girl Scouts from my local area will be attending the meetings and I’m sponsoring the cost of their trip. I’ll be attending some of the meetings as well! Read more »


    Lucy's Green Giveaway!

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    Green Giveaway_Blog PhotoIt’s March and Lucy’s is celebrating the color green this month. Why? Well, one reason is I’m just so ready for spring. It’s been a long, cold winter and I’m looking forward to seeing more green—trees, plants, grass, vegetables.

    And then there’s all of the fun of St. Patrick’s Day–and more green. Shamrocks, hats, shirts and props are already on display. Are you ready? Read more »


    Life Before Facebook?

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    Lucysfb39Can you believe Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary? I actually think it’s hard to imagine when Facebook wasn’t around. It’s such a part of my life now—a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. It would be impossible to maintain the number of connections otherwise. I love seeing posts by people I’ve known since I was two years old, or since high school or college. It reminds me of why I liked those people to begin with, and how lovely it is that they seem to be as wonderful or better after all the years have gone by.

    Also, through Facebook I find it easier to get to know neighbors and parents at my son’s school, or other contacts in my community. I’d never have time to hangout and socialize enough to build these connections otherwise.

    It’s fun to have old and new friends! Read more »


    The Status of Women—What Do I Know?

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    UN pic9I’m one of the lucky ones who rode the big wave of change and opportunity for women.

    I was born in the 1960s, and when I started college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill my freshman class in the 1980s was majority female (51:49) for the first time in my university’s history. Women began attending the university (which was founded in 1789) in 1897, but only women who were seeking an advanced degree not offered by local women’s colleges were admitted. Then, the first female freshman matriculated in 1917. Eventually in 1972, with the passage of Title IX of the federal Education Act, all applications were considered equally without regard to gender. Read more »


    TV Favorites!

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    tv series 19What are some of your all-time favorite TV series? The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Seinfeld, The Sopranos, Law & Order, or perhaps I Love Lucy (I had to include this one!)? There have been so many terrific shows over the years. Check out this recent ranking of TV series by TV Guide. Did your shows make the list?

    Few inventions have affected American society quite as much as television. Americans spend an average of about three hours per day watching TV, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

    Services such as Netflix and DVR-type functions make it even easier for people to get hooked on a series—and then they’re tempted to watch seasons at a time. (Downton Abbey!) I remember great anticipation in the past, waiting for a next episode. Now, we have a certain form of instant gratification. Read more »


    Celebrating Our Presidents!

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    presidents9Today is President’s Day, and Americans are honoring U.S. Presidents, past and present.

    Actually, this federal holiday is officially called “Washington’s Birthday.” Originally established in 1885 and created in recognition of George Washington, this holiday was traditionally held on February 22, Washington’s actual birthday. The holiday then became known as President’s Day due to the 1971 Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for American workers.

    Now the holiday is celebrated on the third Monday in February—and, yes, some lucky Americans do get a day off school or work. However, the holiday has a meaningful purpose and is usually marked by public ceremonies in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country. Read more »

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