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    Sun Smart!?

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    Young woman with sunburned shoulder at the beachHow sun smart are you this summer? Or, better said—how sunscreen smart are you?

    I’m doing a pretty good job with sunscreen use this year. I also floss my teeth every day!! And, just ask my family—I’m quite the enforcer with them as well!

    I live in a beach town on the east coast, and I love spending time outdoors and at the beach. When I was growing up, I practically lived at the pool during the summer and sported a sunburn on a regular basis. It’s hard to imagine now, but back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s no one was thinking about SPF, sun damage, and definitely not skin cancer. Read more »


    NFCA Research—Opt In!

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    Female researcher fixing a spangle on a microscope.Lucy’s is a proud supporter of many health organizations, including the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). NFCA’s important work helps increase diagnosis of gluten-related disorders and improve the quality of life for those on a lifelong gluten-free diet. NFCA also plays a significant role in advancing research, which is what I’m writing about today.

    NFCA is affiliated with leading researchers internationally, and supports collaboration and partnership among scientists and institutions to optimize research potential. NFCA provides high quality information about innovative research that is occurring on everything from better understanding the development of celiac disease to advancing therapies for those who suffer from symptoms despite following a gluten-free diet. Recent studies show that unintentional gluten exposure is increasingly common and, as a result, many people with celiac disease have persistent intestinal damage. For additional information about this issue, check out these links here and here. Read more »



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    young woman driving on highway while reading / writing text on smart phone.June is National Safety Month, and this year the focus is on:

    Slips, trips, and falls

    • Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the U.S., accounting for approximately 8.9 million visits to the emergency department annually (NSC Injury Facts 2011).

    • Adults 55 and older are more prone to becoming victims of falls, and the resulting injuries can diminish the ability to lead active, independent lives. The number of fall deaths among those 65 and older is four times the number of fall deaths among all other age groups. Read more »


    Gluten Free Friend.

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    flossie.19jpgMeet my gluten free friend Bridget. She’s four and a half years old and has celiac—diagnosed when she was two. As “Celiac Awareness Month” draws to a close this year, I invite you to consider my friend’s journey.

    This girl is a classic “red head”—feisty, fun, and full of life. Especially since she’s been gluten free.

    I was there when the question of celiac first came up—when the skin signs of celiac (dermatitis herpetiformis, or DH) began happening. Bridget’s smart and determined Mother (also a red head!) searched the web for something similar, and when she read about “skin celiac” she began to question her child’s eating habits and poopy diapers. And, she also considered that several older cousins had celiac. Read more »


    Surviving Spring Allergies!

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    meds19I love springtime with its budding flowers and blooming trees—but for many people pesky seasonal allergies can cause misery. Watery eyes, nasal itching, runny and stuffy noses, and sneezing can quickly become distracting.

    The Food and Drug Administration estimates that approximately 36 million people in the U.S. suffer from seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. If you’re part of this group, you might want to try some of these simple strategies to help keep allergies under control.

    • Know your allergens! Talk to your doctor about tests to determine what allergens, such as pollen and molds, are triggering your symptoms. Then, steer clear of them! Read more »


    Yoga is Good!

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    yoga19It’s almost April. Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution of exercising more? Well, if you’re stuck in a rut with your routine, consider doing yoga.

    I have been doing yoga since the 1980s, when I purchased a book on yoga and learned the different positions at home. That was before the big yoga boom that’s happened in the past 15 years. The book, Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan, was originally published in 1969 and seems to be ever popular. Here’s a link to its listing on Even with the old photos and quirky “thoughts for the day,” this book remains a favorite of mine. Read more »


    Time for Tea!

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    tea9It has been a long, cold winter for many of us. Are you ready to be warm? While waiting on the temperatures to heat up, how about having a nice cup of hot tea?

    Tea has been enjoyed for centuries. Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Served either hot or cold, people drink it anytime, anywhere. I am especially fond of iced tea; usually a classic orange pekoe and black tea blend, but more and more I like green, too.

    Each day, more than 158 million Americans are drinking tea. (For more facts about tea click here.) And can you believe an average of 3 billion cups of tea are consumed daily worldwide? Black tea (84 percent), green tea (15 percent), white tea (.5 percent), and oolong tea (.5 percent). Interestingly, these different teas actually all come from the same plant, a warm-weather flowering evergreen named Camellia sinensis. Read more »


    School Grants for Healthy Kids!

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    Action for Healthy Kids9Did you know that one in three U.S. kids is overweight or obese, putting them at risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and asthma? Childhood obesity is often difficult to address, even for parents and schools. That’s why I’m shouting “thanks” to the organization Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK) for their help with this epidemic. Promoting “good food” and “active bodies,” AFHK is offering school grants for breakfast and physical activity programs.

    Founded in 2002, AFHK helps schools become healthier so kids can learn better and live healthier lives. In 2012, working with 25,000 schools and 65,000 volunteers across the country, its programs helped more than 10 million children. Read more »


    What a Week!

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    Meeting Building a Healthier Future9I can’t imagine two trips I’d rather take (besides snow skiing or sitting on a beach) than the ones that I took this week.

    To start, I was in NY with the four amazing Girl Scouts you’ve been hearing about and seeing on Facebook. Now I’m at the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Annual Summit in Washington, D.C. A week thinking about what young people learn, think, do, and eat! Helping to build a better future.

    PHA is the lead organization bringing public and private efforts together for healthy eating, physical activity, and the fight against obesity in our nation. In my opinion, PHA is definitely doing things right. What an amazing organization!

    These points show something about the problem and the progress in the PHA movement. Read more »


    Health Effects of Love and Friendship?

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    health effects of loveIn this season of Valentine’s, I’m thinking a lot about love. I may have mentioned that usually I keep Christmas lights on outside until after February 14. And, in the house I display several very sweet Valentine’s decorations that my son has made over the years.

    My decorating habit started mostly because I know little kids like seasons and celebrations. A few trinkets and decorations help to define the ritual, so they understand what it’s all about. Also, over time I’ve come to realize that winter days and nights are improved with a few bright lights and trim. Maybe it’s a little silly, but I love it! Read more »

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