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    Food Management 101: Emergencies

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    foodemergenciesIn times of trouble, when the lights go out or stores are closed, food planning can make all the difference. Do you have a variety of foods at home that don’t require refrigeration? I know some people prefer to keep a sparse pantry with only items they plan to use right away. Stocking for emergencies might be a reason to rethink this.

    Regardless of what food you store in the pantry, remember water is the number one priority! Ideally, it’s best to keep a significant supply of water on hand at all times. Here’s a great summary on water supplies. Read more »


    Who Likes Fancy Food?

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    Fancy Food Show9I do!! I like something that tastes good, smells good, looks good—and if it comes in a package— I like a pretty package. (So, you guessed it—I like Lucy’s!)

    Over the years, I’ve exhibited Lucy’s delicious treats at numerous huge trade shows each year. Buyers from small and large retailers come to sample new items and decide what to sell in their stores. The Fancy Food Shows, produced by the Specialty Food Association (formerly the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade), are among my favorites. Read more »


    Food for the Philippines

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    Lucy’s is partnering with Montero Medical Missions in a relief effort to bring food and hospital supplies to those in the Philippines affected by the devastating super-typhoon last November. Typhoon Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people and displaced over 4 million people, many of whom are still scrambling to survive.

    As part of the effort, Peanut Free Planet (PFP) will be hosting a donation event on their Facebook page January 23-24. The food being gathered will be combined with supplies donated by Lucy’s, and are intended for shelters in the Philippines serving people with food allergies and special diets. Heather Selwa, PFP Founder and CEO, urges individuals and other allergy friendly food brands to participate in the mission. The shipment is planned for late January, and Philippines Secretary of Health, Dr. Enrique Ona, will direct the supplies where they are needed most—and they certainly are needed. Read more »


    Healthy Holidays

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    With so much temptation and indulgence, staying on target with healthy living practices during the holidays can be a real challenge. Usually with the holidays comes a few extra pounds or generally less healthy discipline. Many of us (myself included) give excuses why we don’t have enough time to exercise during the holiday season. We’re too busy, we’re traveling, or it’s just too cold outside. Does this sound familiar?

    And, when decadent desserts are constantly at our fingertips a healthy diet can become obscured in the holiday haze. Cookies, chocolates, cheesecake. Sweets seem to be everywhere this time of year! Read more »


    Turkey Trivia

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    Did you know?…

    • There’s no evidence that turkey was eaten at what many regard as the “first” Thanksgiving. Apparently, the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony and the Indians ate venison and seafood instead during this historic three-day feast in 1621.

    • Turkey eventually became the Thanksgiving main dish of choice for Americans after President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.

    • Benjamin Franklin proposed that the turkey become the U.S. national bird. Franklin felt the turkey had far more noble qualities than the Bald Eagle.

    • The average weight of a turkey purchased at Thanksgiving is 15 pounds. This size turkey usually has about 70 percent white meat and 30 percent dark meat. Read more »


    Don’t Forget the Cranberry Sauce!

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    Thanksgiving is less than a week away! I hope my week long cranberry focus helps you remember the cranberry sauce this year. Also, you might want to plan for enough to have with leftovers; and to savor it in a few surprising ways as the holiday weekend winds down!

    Some ideas I’ve come across include:

    • Cranberry-glazed Brussels sprouts

    • Cranberry pancakes

    • Cranberry muffins

    • Cranberry spread for toast

    • Cranberry cream cheese for a bagel

    • Cranberry mayonnaise for turkey sandwiches

    Do you have any other ideas or favorites to share?


    Cranberry Orange Ginger—Good Stuff!

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    Are you looking for a cranberry recipe with a different twist? This recipe is a favorite of one of our staff members. The funny thing is that she can’t decide what to call it—relish, chutney, or salsa. She just knows her family really likes it!


    • 12 ounce bag of fresh cranberries, soaked and sorted

    • 1 large naval orange, cut into wedges (keep peel on but remove seeds)

    • 2 tablespoons fresh, finely chopped ginger

    • 1/2 cup dried apricots

    • White sugar (add to taste)

    First, chop all fruit ingredients in a food processor or by hand until finely chopped and blended. Add sugar until sweetened to taste. Refrigerate (also OK to freeze) until it’s time to serve.

    Other serving ideas:

    • Spice it up with jalapenos and serve with tortilla chips as an appetizer! Or,

    • Add a bit of horseradish for another zing of flavor. Or,

    • If nuts are safe for your guests, try a chopped walnut garnish.

    Visit us on Facebook and click SHARE to save this recipe on your Facebook timeline or post it on a friend’s timeline.


    Recipe Secret!

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    The secret is—making fresh cranberry sauce is really easy. Here’s a quick video, along with my suggestions.

    Perhaps because this is the way my Mom serves cranberries, I too make fresh sauce for Thanksgiving. To me, fresh made cranberry sauce looks right on the table and definitely tastes right.

    I have to confess that the first time my husband and I hosted the whole Thanksgiving meal, I was intimidated (wrongly) about making the cranberry sauce. I thought the recipe must be quite complex and tricky. How would I get the flavor, color, and consistency just right? Could I replicate my Mother’s cooking magic? Well—I now know—the cranberries do all the work! They naturally contain high levels of fruit pectin and provide this readily upon cooking. Read more »


    Cranberry in a Can

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    For many American families, cranberry sauce is served from a can. According to Ocean Spray, 5,062,500 gallons of jellied cranberry sauce is consumed every holiday season. That’s a lot of jellied cranberry!

    Thanksgiving is all about traditions. So if your Mom and Grandmother used canned cranberry sauce, then there’s a good chance that’s what you do, too. Since Thanksgiving dinner is a balancing act for hosts—cooking times, kitchen space, and refrigeration—canned cranberry sauce does offer a convenience. Open the can, plop, and serve!

    Because I make fresh cranberry sauce (which is super easy by the way), I find it fascinating that so many folks go the canned route. I’m curious to know more. Read more »


    Cranberry Harvesting

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    Cranberries! It’s the week before Thanksgiving and I’m in the mood for cranberries. All week I’ll spotlight this beautiful, healthy berry. I have some interesting facts and tasty recipes—including a very exciting video clip. Also, I’m expecting a few cranberry laughs. Stay tuned.

    Ah, cranberry sauce. A staple Thanksgiving side dish and perfect complement to other traditional Thanksgiving foods. Cranberry adds a wonderfully unique tartness that heightens the meal’s flavor. Yes, I’m a cranberry fan!

    Have you ever wondered where cranberries come from? Cranberries grow on low, long-running vines in bogs, which are areas of wet, marshy ground. Cranberries are found all over North and South America, parts of British Columbia and Quebec, and Chile. Did you know that Wisconsin is the leading U.S. cranberry producer, handling over half of the production here in the States? And that Massachusetts is the second largest producer? Read more »

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