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    Gluten free foods

    I’ve always loved good food, and I believe that great nutrition can also be very decadent and indulgent. With that as a backdrop, Lucy’s grew out of my family’s experience with food allergies. One of the main goals of my food allergy friendly, vegan, gluten free snacks has been to make life “normal” for people with special diets. Tasty food, easy to find, enjoyed by all.

    Here at Lucy’s we offer a variety of gluten free cookies. (Our chocolate cookies are a must try!) Compared with 2006, when our products first hit the shelves, the food choices in grocery stores and markets have ballooned—and many are simply excellent! I’m amazed at the number and quality of gluten free foods and other special items available now. I hope you’ve tried Lucy’s treats; our allergy-friendly, vegan cookies are available in 11 different flavors and several package sizes. Click here for a listing.

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  • Gluten Free Cookies–Do we really need them?

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    gluten free cookies

    Kenneth Chang’s article “Gluten Free, Whether You Need It or Not” in the New York Times on February 4, 2013 raises a couple of excellent points. People need more information about celiac disease. And, a gluten free diet is not “new”–in fact, wheat is a relatively new food that the human body often does not tolerate.

    So whether you need them or not, when you’re looking for healthy cookies and treats, gluten free cookies might be the answer. Remember, gluten free is really not new, and Lucy’s are vegan cookies, too! When I developed the flour blend I use in Lucy’s gluten free cookies, I got just the right combination so my treats would have a taste and texture very similar to the wheat-based items that most people are accustomed to eating. This makes the transition to gluten free foods more subtle and a lot easier.

    It’s all about taste and texture, really. When it comes to a cookie or a cake, I’m like most people. Why eat it if it’s not yummy and delightful? Gluten free foods and gluten free snacks are still food—and that’s important to remember.

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  • Magic Chocolate Cheesecake–Vegan and Gluten Free!

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    gluten free brownies

    Once again cocoa is magic! All the ingredients in this vegan, gluten free cake are wonderful; and cocoa really makes it work. That’s true with other cakes I’ve made, too. Cocoa is a star ingredient.

    I highly recommend this easy, delicious recipe. For the crust, I use either Lucy’s Chocolate cookies or Lucy’s Chocolate Merry Mint cookies, one of our yummy holiday flavors. Enjoy over the holidays, or any time!

    (Lucy’s offers a variety of food allergy friendly, gluten free snacks. I hope you’ve tried Lucy’s gluten free cookies; they are available in 11 different flavors and several package sizes. Click here for a listing of our vegan cookies, which are also allergy friendly and gluten free.)

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